Bright Future Independent Film Festival

Bright Future Independent Film Festival - Gothenburg (Bright Future Indie Film Fest Gothenburg) is a new film festival for independent (any age) and young filmmakers (15-30) worldwide. The festival will be organized by the association Bright Future.


The festival wants to show films from all over the world that are made by independent as well as young filmmakers. The main focus is films that give a positive vision or hope for the future or films that take place in a future where the world looks much better than it does today. We see this festival as a forum where filmmakers have a unique opportunity to bring their new ideas to the table so that they could inspire other people to make those ideas a possible reality.

Maybe in your future money does not exist? 
Maybe all the cars are organic and do not destroy the environment? 
Or maybe all sickness has disappeared?

So go ahead and bring all of your brilliant ideas into a movie and let us show it to the world!

OBS! "Due to the pandemic, the festival will largely be online.

All the winners will have a live screening 10 of October at Röhsska Museum a cultural and beautiful museum in the heart of Gothenburg.