Stulen Dröm

An aspiring young actress from Sweden working in a grocery store dreams of making it big in Hollywood. After her boyfriend records her auditioning, the producers of a major motion picture ask her to come in for a live audition when COVID suddenly hits and they instead request a virtual audition with a written agreement attached. A written agreement which she years later finds out included signing away her likeness, as her appearance is used for the virtually generated star of the film.


Winner of London Movie Awards (dec 2021), Official Selection of Black Panter International Film Festival and Honourable mention New York Movie Awards.


Starring: Tuva Jagell
John Duse
Paul Toole

Original Music Score: Matthew Patrick Donner
Cinematographer: Andreas Månsson
First camera assistant: Akira Andersson
Additional Camera: Björn Liljegrääs
Sound recording and mixing: Tobias Falk
Visual effects and grade: Peter Mattsson Minica Kraft
Graphics: Robert Sarkanen
Writer: Jesper Cederstrand
Producers: Johan Bodell Alec Trachtenberg
Director: Johan Bodell


Made with support from: Göteborgsstad FilmCloud Region Gävleborg