Breaking Taboos med Tatjana Samopjan

31 jan 2018
2 feb 2018 - 09:30

A master class about the difference between the stories you create and the stories that create you with Tatjana Samopjan (formerly Andersson)

Kulturakademin i samarbete med Göteborg Film Festival

Kursbeskrivning:The lecture is meant to inspire creators to enter a deeper conversation between the life they live and the stories they create. Some experiences rewrite our hearts and restructure our minds. A trip to Central America and a head-on foray into traditional shamanism has done that to me. My life and my creativity are forever changed. I will share my story as a part of a larger exploration of the idea of fierce storytelling. Behind our time’s most revered tv-shows lie the life stories of their creators. In search of inspiration and role models many screenwriters end up copying the concepts of others without ever really examining the life that gave rise to the story they want to emulate. Is it possible to write a fierce story without living a fierce life? Do you believe you can remain hidden, invulnerable and still create something of lasting value? When it comes to truly great stories, is the writer really the creator or the one being created - the one being rewritten?

Western culture is drowning in stories. They come from paper and every conceivable screen. The sheer quantity is a telling symptom of yearning for emotional contact, magical enchantment and soulful communion with something bigger than our small selves. What is the difference between the stories that wake us up to all that and the ones that put us right back to sleep? I wonder…/Tatjana Samopjan

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När: 2 februari 2018 kl. 09.30 – 10.00 Registrering och kaffe / te 10.00 – 12.00 Föreläsning med Tatjana Samopjan

Målgrupp: Manusförfattare, dramaturger, producenter, konsulenter och andra som bedömer/utvecklar manus. Föreläsningen är även öppen för filmstudenter.

Förkunskaper: Att du motsvarar Kulturakademin Trappans antagningskriterier. Läs mer här

Språk: Engelska

Sista anmälningsdag: 31 januari 2018

Var: Matteuskyrkan, Djurgårdsgatan 17, Göteborg

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Om kursledarna

Tatjana Samopjan is a Creative Development Producer working in Sweden and abroad. Previously she was the Head of Development at Palladium Fiction, a Stockholm-based production company. At SVT Drama she worked as a story editor. Her work at SVT was focused on finding and coaching new writers. She grew up in Bosnia and Serbia. Her background is in linguistics, literature and interdisciplinary studies. She studied Scandinavian languages at University of Belgrade and she has a MA in Scandinavian literature from University of Helsinki. Combining her passion for TV-drama with experiences from diverse fields has equipped her with a fresh perspective on deep structure in serialised stories.

Kulturakademin Trappans aktiviteter är kostnadsfria och bedrivs med stöd från Kulturnämnden och Regionutvecklingsnämnden i Västra Götaland.