Videographer needed for a YouTube channel about art


I am looking for a videographer/filmmaker 

who would like to collaborate with me on a YouTube channel.

I love to entertain people in front of the camera. 

I want to create a highly popular YouTube channel about artworks. 

I cannot pay anything to this 

videographer/collaborator so I am looking for a volunteer.

Here is a link to a video which I have done. It is entitled St. George and the Dragon by Bernt Notke:

It was not filmed by a (professional) videographer, as you can see. 


My future videos might be about controversial subjects to create buzz. For instance, “sex and nudity in art,” but I am open to discuss this with my future collaborator. 


I live in Borås and I frequently visit Gothenburg. I speak Swedish, so you can write to me in Swedish. You can contact me at