Mist Within - Black Clouds | Official music video

MIST WITHIN "BLACK CLOUDS" Official music video


Director/DOP/Edit: Alireza Badiee

Helicam & SteadyShot: Mehrdad Karimi

Assistant Director: Fatemeh Zare

Producer: Maryam Zare


Starring: Iman Jalili

Special thanks: Mitra Alamshahi, ABF Göteborg




In 2009 Sa res (Alireza Motevasel) came up with the idea of starting a progressive band. The band chose “Mist Within” as the name. From the beginning they decided to compose their own music instead of covering. After about a year of practicing and creating the struc- tures of some tracks like “Black Clouds”. Mist Within is currently working on their debut album “Post Mortem Dump”.



See the black clouds, they’re eternal

But it never seems rain starts to fall

Oh I miss the rain and the scent of me

How can I really feel my soul is free?

Do you remember when it rained before

When the naked sun shined on sea shore?

How I wish the stars was still our guide through the blackened night...

And there was no dark cloud to surrender our thoughts

Can we sing again under the moonlight?

Can we touch a tree once again and smell the green?

Or run on grass and take the deepest breath?

Can we sing again under the moonlight?

See the black clouds, they’re eternalBut it never seems..