Aman Bhanot


My name is Aman Bhanot and I am Senior Animator/ Independent Director based in Stockholm, Sweden.

I've been work in the industry from over ten years primarily for CGI Animated films, Visual effects and Game Cinematics for other companies like Important Looking Pirates, Milford, BUG AS, Interceptor Entertainments, Tau films, Glukoza productions, Epics FX studios on shows such as Jurassic World, Krypton, Richard the Stork, Savva, Very Advertisement, Bombshell game cinematics. Besides working as a Senior/Lead, I am directing as well and have recently finished the film ‘Killing Anabella’. I’ve experience in teaching advanced animation students at Supinfocom international school and supervised thirty-seven students’ short films.

I've put a link to my reel below.

Animation Show reel -

Direction Debut - Password = Kill_Specials



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